Healthcare simplified for patients
We are a HIPAA compliant platform leveraging technology to simplify the patient experience
What is our vision?
Mediqal aims to solve the challenges faced by patients, in and outside the hospital
Patient Procedure Manager

Medical procedure prep made simple

Every medical procedure has a set of instructions that the patient needs to adhere pre and post. We work with hospitals to provide these instructions at your fingertips and make sure you are reminded at the right time

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Mediqal Procedure Manager app screenshot
Medication Reminder

Daily medication is a challenge

It gets tough to track the daily medication that is needed for various chronic illnesses. Using the Medicine Reminder app, you can track every medication and ensure you dont miss any.

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Mediqal medicine reminder screenshot
Coming soon

We are bringing more solutions to the market!

Get access to doctors and consults, right from your device. This reduces the effort of travelling to the doctors clinic or hospital.

Get all your medical reports collated in single location. We provide analytics to help you understand the progress of each parameter in the test reports.

Get all your medical history in one single solution. Our EHR solution enables you to keep track of all your doctor consults, medications, tests and reports in one single location.

We are working with various providers to help you get medications (based on your prescription) delivered to your home. This reduces your effort of tracking medicine inventory.